We offer a complete service from design to erection and completion of works for self-builds to full design and build. We have over 15 years specialist experience in timber framing projects for buildings over 10,000sq foot but are equally as adept in delivering small projects such as house extensions. We don’t just talk timber frame, we do it.

The Timber Frame System

With advanced insulation properties yet still affordable, timber frame is renowned for speed of construction and is becoming increasingly popular due to the accelerated build times leading to shortening the lead times of build programmes.

Strength and Manufacture

The system is very strong, yet lightweight and is used to replace blockwork for walls. CAD technology design provides the strength that is achieved in every panel, all of which are precision made in our own timber workshops by experienced timber frame joiners.


Reduce foundation costs due to lightweight design

Faster build time

Low material wastage

Property stays warmer in winter due to the thermal properties within design

Panels system can be finished with a number of specs including tiles, bricks, cladding, slate and lead

Avoids cold bridging

Reduces operational costs due to thermal properties, minimising fuel bills and offering a greater air tight environment